transfer pricing in vietnam

Transfer Pricing

The increasing in number of multinational companies and the complex of cross-border transactions in global market raises the awareness of transfer pricing will affects local tax revenues. Regulatory authorities frown upon using transfer pricing for tax avoidance. There can be a disagreement among the organizational division managers as what the policies should be regarding the transfer policies.

In order to meet the demand of risk management of transfer pricing, to comply with policies and legislation and to design effective policies of transfer pricing, we provide the following services to customer:

  • Review and assess the risk of transfer pricing
  • Set up transfer pricing dossiers, including the dossiers for determination of prices of related- party relationships and related- party transactions
  • Protect dossiers before transfer pricing inspection
  • Make advance pricing agreement (APA) with tax authority
  • Provide a market price margin based on the data source accepted by the tax authority

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