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CPA Firm in Turkey

Association of accounting firm in Turkey is a local accounting consulting firms in Turkey specializing in foreign companies seeking to invest in Turkey. Working with over twenty local affiliates, it has been supporting international businesses in Turkey since its inauguration.
Thus, the association in Turkey is successfully equipped to offer world-class services to clients in Turkey, with the insight and expertise of the local accounting firm in Turkey in its essence.


We can support as the position of external CFO
We can offer by overwhelmingly reasonable price than major audit firm in Turkey and Accounting Consulting Firms in Turkey
We can support one-stop service – accounting, taxation, labor and legal affairs.


We always provide you up-to-date information by “Wiki-Investment”, the data base of foreign direct investment.
Rapid response is possible.
We lead your business to success by using our original Monthly Strategic Report
We can help your reporting to the parent company.
We can offer multi courtiers service because we have 44 locations in 27 countries.
We can provide Employee Evaluation System that promote sales and productivity in organization.

About Manager

Yukishiro Takatsu


We can help you with all phases of your business,

from business startup to handling all accounting, compliance and consulting needs you might have.

Additionally we can help you connect with other professionals who are experts at adding value to every aspect of your business enterprise.

We are able to help you expand your business throughout Latin America and South America.

In essence, we are able to serve as your business gateway to all of North America and South America and look forward to assisting you and your business.

Together, we can do great things. Let´s start today!


We continually seek new and better ways to serve our clients by developing new skills, acquiring new companies and bringing new talent into the firm.

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For strategic client partnerships that focuses on long-term success, We alongside with our clients focus on developing solutions by taking a hands-on, collaborative approach to all our engagements.

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Whenever, clients are ready on their paths to change, across the globe in every industry, we partner with them to create lasting value.

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