company setup in Turkey

Company Setup in Turkey


Company setup in Turkey nowadays, businesses are no longer exclusive to domestic markets, as they operate on an increasingly global scale. The development of a contemporary company often includes the establishment of overseas branches and subsidiaries. Recently, Asia has become home to one of the most dynamic and competitive markets, which prompted many companies to establish branches on the continent. Tokyo Consulting Firm is composed of highly experienced professionals who specialize in establishing and registering offices and parent companies in Turkey. Moreover, our adept professionals are well-versed with market trends and provide every service to help our clients in company setup in Turkey and fulfill the customers’ requirements in a proper & immediate manner.


Ever since its inception in 1998, Tokyo Consulting Firm, Turkey continues to keep its rigorous and up-to-date knowledge base through market R&D. Owing to our approach and ability to furnish best quality services to our clients, we have been able to earn recognition as one of the best Consulting Firms for Business Setup in Turkey.

When planning for Business Setup in Turkey, every aspect of the incorporation must be taken into account, such as Turkey law, regulations, customs, and so on. The different types of business organizations in Turkey according to Turkey law are as follow:

Promotion Formation and Incorporation of Companies (LLP/ Private/Public/WOS) and matters related therewith including choice of type of company, name availability, drafting of MOA, AOA and other related documents.

  • Registration of Charges, Preparation of Search and Status Reports
  • Adviser/ Consultants in issue of shares (Equity/Preference) and other securities
  • Private placement of shares and other securities
  • Change in Name of the Company
  • Change of Objects of the Company
  • Change of Registered Office of the Company
  • Filing, registering, representing, attesting, verifying documents including forms, returns, and applications by or on behalf of the Company as an Authorized Representative
  • Pre- Certification of Forms and Documents
  • Maintenance of Secretarial Records, Statutory Books and Registers
  • Filing of petitions before NCLT
  • Advising on Legal and Procedural matters under FEMA
  • Filing of ARC, FC-GPR and FC-TRS
  • Obtaining RBI/FIPB Approvals
  • Filing of Annual Return on Foreign Liabilities & Assets Reporting by Turkeyn Companies
  • Opening of Branch/Project/Liaison Office in Turkey


  • Value Adds Tax (VAT)
  • Service Tax Registration
  • Shops & Establishment Registration
  • Professional Tax Registrations
  • PAN
  • TAN
  • DIN Number
Corporate Structure Features
Representative Office Primarily to collect and survey information
Branch Operating activities, physical sales allowed
Local Corporation Subjected to specific industry regulations
Alliance Equipment and machinery for manufacturing may be borrowed.


Furthermore, our multilingual professional staff has experience from several companies, with credentials such as CPA and USCPA, which enables us to create financial statements under GAAP or IFRS. We strive to provide business set up services with highest level of professionalism at the most competitive prices. Our global strategy and implementation services team provides:

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