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What does a company exist for?

It’s for society and for our employees.

If a company is no longer needed by society, it will cease to exist and will no longer be able to pay salaries to its employees.

In order to survive, we must continue to grow and continue to give value to society.


So what does it take to grow a company?

We think that a company’s results can be expressed by the following formula.

Strategy x Execution = Results


To achieve good results, you first need an effective strategy.

And only if you can execute it will you be able to achieve good results.

Execution management is necessary to check strategy effectiveness.

If you don’t see good results despite proper execution, there is a problem with the strategy.


By repeating this hypothesis and testing, you can create a system for a company that continues to grow.

Our consulting is to support the creation of such a system.

We contribute to the growth of our customers from a management perspective that combines finance and human resources.

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