Business setup

company setup in Vietnam

Business Setup

Nowadays, businesses no longer confine themselves to domestic markets, as they operate on a global scale. The development of a contemporary company often involves establishing branches or subsidiaries abroad.

Recently, Asia has become the homeland of one of the most dynamic and competitive markets, prompting many companies to establish branches in this continent and commence business operations in Vietnam. TCF Vietnam comprises highly experienced experts specializing in establishing subsidiaries, branches, and representative offices of foreign companies in Vietnam. Furthermore, TCF Vietnam’s seasoned professionals are well-versed in market trends and provide comprehensive services to assist clients in establishing new legal entities in Vietnam, meeting clients’ requirements promptly and appropriately.

Since its establishment in 1998, Tokyo Consulting Firm Vietnam has consistently maintained a rigorous knowledge base, staying updated through market research and development. Thanks to its approach and ability to deliver the highest quality services to clients, the company has been recognized as one of the best Company Formation Consulting firms in Vietnam.

When planning to establish a company in Vietnam, every aspect of the establishment process must be considered, including Vietnamese laws, regulations, customs, etc. Various forms of business organization exist in Vietnam according to Vietnamese laws, such as:

Promoting the Establishment of Businesses (LLP / Sole Proprietorship / Public / WOS) and related issues, including choosing the company type, existing name options, drafting MOA, AOA, and other relevant documents.

  • Registration, Search, and Reporting
  • Advisory on Stock Issuance (Equity/Coupon) and other Securities
  • Private Stock Sales and other Securities Offerings
  • Changing Company Name
  • Changing Company Business Type
  • Changing Company Address
  • Submitting documents, registering, representing, certifying, verifying various documents including forms, declarations, and applications on behalf of or as authorized representatives of the Company.
  • Pre-certification of Forms and Documents
  • Maintenance of Secretary Records, Books as per regulations, and Registration Records
  • Submitting a pre-litigation application before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)
  • Legal and Procedural Consultation under FEMA
  • Submission of ARC, FC-GPR, and FC-TRS
  • Obtaining RBI/FIPB Approvals
  • Filing Annual Profit Reports on Foreign Debt & Asset Reports
  • Opening Branch/Project/Representative Office in Vietnam
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Service Tax Registration
  • Shop & Establishment Registration
  • Professional Tax Registration”

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