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merger and acquisition in Vietnam

M&A is actively carried out in Vietnam, with approximately 350 M&A cases per year. However, in Japan, approximately 4,300 M&As are carried out annually, more than 10 times that amount.

This means that in Vietnam, a high percentage of M&A is carried out by large companies, whereas in Japan, M&A is actively carried out not only by large companies but also by small and medium-sized company.

Furthermore, Japan faces problems such as a declining population and an aging population with a declining birthrate, and if things continue as they are, the economy is expected to shrink.

Therefore, many companies are considering expanding overseas in order to survive.

In particular, Southeast Asia is attracting a lot of attention, as it has the advantages of being close to Japan, with little time difference, being in the same Asian region and having similar cultures, and expected to have significant economic growth in the future.

Therefore, many Japanese companies are interested in acquiring companies in Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam.

What can TCF do?

As mentioned above, there are many Japanese companies that want to buy or invest in Vietnamese companies. On the other hand, there are many local companies in Vietnam who want to sell their companies or raise funds.

However, even though supply and demand match, there is no opportunity for them to connect, so it cannot be achieved.

That’s where TCF comes into play. We can create opportunities there.

We have connections with many companies and banks in Japan. Therefore, Vietnamese companies that want to sell their companies or raise funds can find Japanese companies that meet their needs.

Conversely, it is also possible to search for sellers using the local connections we have gained through our 13 years of activity in Vietnam. In addition, we have offices in 26 countries around the world, so you can search for sellers in each country.

If we find a successful match, we will support you from setting up interviews, due diligence, and post-MA integration support.

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