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Core value

It’s Company’s DNA.

We must respect and follow this principle

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The fundamental reason why an organization exists.

Significance of existence born from core values

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Bold and compelling ambitious goals, Have clear goals and specific deadlines

♦  Our core values

Kuno Principles:

    1. What we give is What we get
    2. Every issue come from me
    3. Expand your responsibilities
    4. Thank you.

Our purposes

    1. We make Effort tirelessly.
    2. We make Working with the best teams.
    3. We make Consistently contemplate optimal service
    4. We make keep changing.
    5. We make Aim to be a cherished company.

Our Missions

“Committed to being the foremost partner for our clients, driving societal advancement through their growth.”

Short-term Mission (By 2030):

    1. Secure the leading market share in Japanese consulting across all global locations.

Mid-term Mission (By 2040):

    1. Evolve into the “TOYOTA” of the consulting industry, emerging as a leading company in Japan.

Long-term Mission:

    1. Expand services to 196 countries worldwide,
    2. becoming the consulting firm synonymous with the 21st century, cherished in every region.


Mr. Shinta Shimizu

Ho Chi Minh Branch Manager

“Overcome difficulties together!”

Mr. Soichiro Miki

Hanoi Head Office Manager

“You only get what You give!”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nu

Accounting Manager

CA, CTA, CPA Vietnam

“Your Success, Our Expertise!”

Ms. Le Thi Linh

Accounting Manager

CA, CTA, CPA Vietnam

“Never Give Up and Keep Moving!”

Mr. Tran Thanh Duc

Legal Manager

“Think positive – Do Positive!”

Mr. Vu Hoang My

Assistant Manager

“We are consultants, not suppliers!”