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Why is TCF Vietnam a reliable comprehensive legal service provider for your company?

In the dynamic landscape of business, having a reliable and efficient partner for legal services is crucial for navigating the complexities of the market. TCF Vietnam, a proud subsidiary of Tokyo Consulting Group, emerges as a beacon of excellence in providing top-notch legal services.

Choose TCF Vietnam as your premier legal services partner, offering unparalleled expertise and client-focused solutions. With a profound understanding of the Vietnamese legal landscape, TCF excels in delivering quality, prompt, and accurate advice for legal activities related to foreign investors and companies, specializing in areas such as Enterprise, Investment, and Labor… Our unwavering commitment to innovation ensures a continuous quest for new ways to serve our clients. Trust TCF Vietnam to provide comprehensive legal services for companies, making your success our top priority.

Legal Services In VietNam

Legal services in Vietnam: We are pleased to deliver our proposal for legal services as below:

1. Company establishment consulting service

The investment activities of foreign companies in Vietnam are increasingly gaining attention and expanding. Understanding this demand, TCF Vietnam will undertake all legal procedures and provide solutions to ensure the establishment and lawful operation of our client’s businesses, adhering to all legal regulations in Vietnam.

TCF Vietnam will offer the following advisory services:

  • Carry out Investment Registration Certificate
  • Carry out Enterprise Registration Certificate
  • Consult on drafting Company Charter
  • Provide knowledge on legal capital, statutory capital, tax obligations, and tax declarations
  • Advise on registering business lines that align with the company’s goals and business development direction
  • Consult on all legal issues and procedures arising during the business establishment process

2. Consultation services for change Investment Registration Certificate and Enterprise Registration Certificate

During their operations, businesses will need to update information such as address, company name, business lines, etc., to align with the company’s needs and direction. TCF Vietnam will assist your business in completing all procedures related to the updated information and documenting those changes on the Investment Registration Certificate and Business Registration Certificate.

TCF Vietnam will carry out changes in the following information:

  • Company headquarters address
  • Owner/Legal representative/Title of legal representative
  • Company name
  • Add, remove, or supplement/change details of business lines
  • Change in charter capital (increase or decrease)
  • Phone number/Fax/Website on the Business Registration Certificate
  • Company type
  • And other relevant information

3. Consulting services on legal issues arising during business operations

When a business is in operation, it inevitably encounters various complex legal issues across different fields such as Contracts, Labor, Human Resources, etc. Additionally, reporting to state authorities and monitoring and updating the effectiveness of legal documents are essential aspects of the company’s business activities. Therefore, TCF Vietnam will assist your business in resolving these legal issues and actively minimize legal risks to promote a safe business environment.

TCF will provide legal consulting on the following issues:

  • Consultation, drafting, and evaluation of various contracts and legal documents
  • Business mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations
  • Consulting and drafting documents related to company management processes, changes, appointments, or disciplinary actions for personnel
  • Advice on labor-related policies, labor safety, wages, and insurance
  • Facilitating the application for various licenses
  • Updating, guiding, and disseminating policies and legal documents
  • Archiving document records
  • Assisting the business in dealings with state authorities

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