Human resources

HR Consultants in Vietnam

HR Consultants in Vietnam

HR Consultants in Vietnam: A sound HR department is truly indispensable for a business. An efficient HR consultants in Vietnam helps the workers to make the most out of their abilities and acts as the backbone of the company. At TCF Vietnam, we understand the role of Human Resource Department in the fruitful functioning of a company and offer support for framing HR policies and employee orientation as part of our HR staffing services in Vietnam. Our services in HR solutions are aimed at providing tangible benefit perception to our clients.

HR Staffing Services in Vietnam

A brief about all aspects covered under our HR staffing services in Vietnam is here:

1. Policy and Program development

  • HR Policy
  • HR Manual
  • Procurement & Purchase Policy
  • Sales Policy
  • Induction Process Design
  • Induction Manual
  • Induction Program

2. HR Audit & Systems Review

  • HR Policy Review
  • Corporate Audit
  • Manufacturing Unit Audit
  • Report Generation & Recommendations
  • Facilitation of Execution of relevant Statutory Compliance

3. Job Evaluation

  • Job Analysis
  • Job Description

4. Competency Mapping

  • Identify departments for Competency mapping
  • Identifying Hierarchy within the organization & selection of levels
  • Obtain the Job Descriptions
  • Preparation of semi structured interviews
  • Recording of interview details
  • Preparation of list of skills
  • Indicate proficiency levels
  • Validate identified competencies & proficiency levels with immediate superiors & other heads of the concerned department
  • Preparation of competency dictionary
  • Mapping of Competencies

5. Performance Management Service

  • Get Performance Plans for the current FY
  • Derive Departmental Goals
  • Training on PMS
  • Introduce MBO sheet
  • Practice Goal Setting
  • Review Goals – MBO Sheets
  • Introduce Appraisal Sheets
  • Implement Performance Appraisal

6. Compensation & Benefit Management

  • Design Salary Structures
  • Salary Banding
  • Range definition as per position
  • Industry Bench-marking
  • Define Benefits
  • Relocation Policies

7. Learning & Development

  • Training needs analysis and development needs analysis
  • Designing a training strategy to underpin corporate strategy
  • Audit of the training function
  • Designing learning and development systems tailored to the company’s specific needs
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training programmers
  • Prioritizing of the training budget
  • Surveys in the area of corporate training

8. Labor Compliance

  • Shops & Establishments Act (State Regulations)
  • Factories Act & Rules
  • Employee Welfare (ESIC, Bonus Act, Minimum Wages Act, Gratuity Act, Insurance Act, etc)
  • Standing Orders (As per the States)
  • Inspections

9. Labor Litigation & Advisory

  • Civil Matters in District, State High Court & Supreme Court
  • Intellectual Property (registration & litigation)
  • Advisory on all kinds of legal matters

10. Contract Management & Review

  • Civil Petitions
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Labor & Payroll Contracts
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Business Agreements
  • Paralegal Services

11. Talent Acquisition

  • Job Order
  • Getting requisition filled in our JD format
  • Sourcing CVs
  • TCF Screening
  • Reference Check
  • CV Presentation for Client
  • Interview Preparation
  • Follow up after Interview
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Signing of Contract

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